Linda Lewis has been preparing pupils for the 11+ examination in Bucks for 30 years.  Having taught science at Beaconsfield High, Wycombe High and John Hampden Grammar schools, she has the knowledge and experience to know what is required to cope with a Grammar school education.  

Linda has written her own 11+ papers to suit the Bucks examination as well as assessment papers which have proved an invaluable tool in determining the likelihood of a pupil being suitable for a Grammar school.   

NEW for 2020 - Homework is now online giving instant results and feedback.


The 11+ is an exam used to select pupils for Grammar schools.  It is made up of verbal and non verbal questions requiring a good knowledge and understanding of maths and English as well as problem solving skills.


Even very exceptional pupils will struggle to pass the 11+ without coaching.  A variety of skills and experience are required to deal with the questions.  These include ALL of the following; learning to work at the right pace, decision making, word play, mental maths, manipulating shapes and being calm under pressure.


  • We recommend starting with an assessment session which will give a good indicator as to whether your child is likely to pass the 11+.   You will be given an honest assessment and ideas on the best way to proceed. 

  • If you decide to proceed we move on to weekly lessons in small groups of no more than 4 pupils.  Over the years we have found that working in small groups helps confidence and pupils learn faster.

  • Initially, we work on all the different types of question that are encountered and the skills needed to tackle them.  Great emphasis is placed on learning vocabulary and mathematical skills.  Pupils are encouraged to thoroughly learn their "times tables" and regular games are used to ensure they do!

  • As time progresses the emphasis changes to focus on examination technique especially speed which is essential.  A variety of different 11+ questions and papers are used to hone these skills including our very own range, "Nimble Minds", developed specifically for the Bucks exam.

  • Breaks are taken in line with the school holidays although we do offer summer sessions as there is usually only one week between returning after the school summer break and the 11+ school practice test and actual examination.

Every child is unique so please contact us to discuss your situation.